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  • Collaborate to Accelerate: The Case Study of a Winning Event Strategy

    This show is a prime example of what we always strive for when it comes to supporting a client’s event objective: Have an event strategy and never lose sight of it. No matter how tempting it may be to add that “cool new idea” to the mix, if it doesn’t quite align, then the answer is simple: Appreciate it, but let’s bookmark for later. To successfully drive an event strategy from start to finish you have to live and breathe that message and weave it into every aspect of the show. This is where the magic happens. 🪄 WATCH: The Theme that Inspired the Event Strategy The "Collaborate to Accelerate," theme was appropriately inspired by the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, designed to ignite innovation and celebrate shared achievements. The client understood that teamwork is the engine that drives the company to success and it takes a collective effort of all teams globally to level up their game and WIN in this highly competitive landscape of prestige beauty. They came to us with this theme and then AGENCYNESS took these four steps to create a collaborative environment with our client to bring it all to life for the attendees. 🏁Step 1: Create The Content The concept of "building the perfect beauty race car" served as a central theme throughout the conference and the speeches were the heart of the event. Each speech was tailored to this theme, aligning individual brand strategies and business goals with the importance of cross-functional collaboration for future success. The "storyteller series" added a human touch, further reinforcing the need for teamwork. The brand's renowned learning and development team took the theme to the workshops as well by implementing a "pit-crew" approach, reinforcing the importance of teamwork for successful learning and development. We were proud to support the client in this endeavor, managing speakers, reviewing content, and acting as a trusted advisor to land the messaging. see more event photos 🏁Step 2: Design The Event Environment Every attendee touch point was thoughtfully designed; however a strong focus was on the general session set design, where attendees spent most of their time. We embraced the F1 theme with an oval stage adorned with racing stripes. The inset step unit, reminiscent of a vintage sports car grille, added a playful touch. Chrome silver drapery completed the look and allowed for a seamless transition to an evening event with strategic lighting adjustments. While maintaining a classy and glamorous feel, subtle racing-inspired elements kept the theme alive throughout the week. Budget-Friendly Brilliance Believe it or not, this stage set was created on a budget! We're experts in creating impressive, cost-effective designs. 🏁Step 3: Create Opportunities for Celebration To align the brand's “cool-vibes” culture, the venue was transformed into an awards gala known as the Annual Sneaker Ball for “A Night in Monaco”. The glamorous evening captured the essence of Monaco, a city synonymous with F1 racing while the experiential was (insert chef’s kiss here)! From vintage car photo ops, to the “accelerate your cocktail” custom spirits, casino games, laser-etched custom engraved gifts and a DJ that kept those sneakers moving well into the night. It was a celebration for the books! 🏁Step 4: The Added Details Let’s not forget the extra details that go into producing a best-in-class conference. From graphic design, communications pre and post event, racing inspired swag, food & beverage activations to the post production sizzle reel, the theme was met at every breath along the attendee journey to reinforce the event objective. see more event photos In closing, from the outset we aligned seamlessly with the brand's clear event strategy, making it our guiding light throughout the entire process. The attendee engagement scores tell a clear story of our success: The highest Return on Engagement (ROE) ever recorded for this event. Every detail, big or small, matters to us and we relished in bringing this vision to reality. AGENCYNESS is honored to partner with this leading beauty brand for their annual conference. Be on the lookout for what we have up our sleeve for next year. 📣 Shameless plug Looking to elevate your next event and bring those ideas to life? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an unforgettable event that delivers next level results. Photo collab: Damion Hamilton

  • The Party's Over for Noncompetes! 

    Written by Kelly Burns, Founder + Managing Director, AGENCYNESS The event production industry is no exception. The FTC's landmark ruling to ban these restrictive agreements is a game-changer for marketing + event professionals and signals a change for the industry. While historically seen as a safeguard for client relationships, these agreements can stifle innovation and limit career mobility for talented event professionals. Bye-Bye Boxed In: For too long, talented event professionals have been handcuffed by these non-competes, limiting their ability to pursue new opportunities and advance their careers. I too, faced this previously in my career with agencies putting a stronghold on the relationships I had built over countless years. Therefore, when new opportunities and greener pastures had presented themselves, it wasn’t always the easiest decision to take the leap. Collaboration, Not Control: The FTC's decision further strengthens our thought process in general: Strong client relationships are built on trust and collaboration, not contractual limitations. The Future is Freer: With non-competes out of the picture, event professionals can now freely leverage their expertise across diverse portfolios and level the playing field amongst the ever-advancing industry. This synergy of talent fosters an environment brimming with fresh concepts and disruptive approaches. Imagine a world where event professionals with experience from different agencies collaborate to create truly groundbreaking experiences for your brand! A Breath of Fresh Air for This Agency: As an event agency owner, you might expect some pushback from me on the non-compete ban. But here's the thing: this ruling is a breath of fresh air for this business. Why? It aligns perfectly with how I believe we should operate. Sure, there might be a bit of risk involved – a challenge to constantly improve and retain top talent. But that challenge pushes me to be a better leader, not just another face onsite for clients. Loyalty based on trust, not restrictions, is what truly matters to me. Source: FTC

  • International Women's Day 2024 | Inspire Inclusion

    International Women's Day 2024: Brace yourselves! This International Women's Day, AGENCYNESS isn't just joining the conversation on inclusion for women—we've been rewriting the script and shouting it from the rooftops. "Inspire Inclusion" isn't a mere theme to us; it's our rallying cry. As a trailblazing company owned and operated by fierce women, we're not here to play by the rules. We're here to redefine the game. Enough with the lip service; we're rolling up our sleeves and taking action! Our Rallying Cry: Why do we care so much? Because it is coded into our DNA! We've navigated the "sweethearts," the eye rolls, and the slammed doors throughout our careers. And what did we do? We kicked those doors down and made our own entrance. Our paths have been anything but a leisurely stroll. It's been a relentless marathon – in 4” heels… backwards. But here we are, forging the path, running 6 minute miles, and ready to learn from our own personal setbacks and celebrate our victories to empower others. Though we must remember - there is more work to do. Commitment to Change: Let’s cut to the chase — change, especially regarding fair pay, recognition, and career growth for women and crushing the archaic "good ol' boys" club in live production is overdue. AGENCYNESS stands proud with our army of women in production, show management and AV roles, and we’re providing the opportunities aforementioned for these women to thrive. A few examples of these are: 💸 We compensate fairly and take steps to ensure they know their worth! Ever heard of an agency willing to pay more than what was asked? That’s us, continuously fighting for the proper valuation of women’s roles in our programs. 🎯 We offer the flexibility to travel with families when they need to be onsite for our programs. Listen, show business is tough - especially on families. But extending the opportunity for a flexible environment where we want our team performing at their best is key. Husbands, partners, children, nannies, friends? No problem - just be on time. ;) ✨ We empower women to bring their magic to the table in ways that help with their career growth. We are BIG fans of supporting those who ask for it. What is your preferred role on this project?  Where can you make the most impact for our team?  It’s these kinds of actions that can be powerful to us all. 🌱 We are big advocates of mentorship. Ever have thoughts of what you would tell your young self entering into this industry, let alone the corporate world?  Yeah, us too! Leveraging seasoned professionals' insights to pave the way for the new wave of young women in this complex industry can help prepare them to better navigate the learning curve and balance the intense workloads against a flourishing personal life. Nothing fulfills us more than providing real solutions – and dare we say: with a bit more grace. A recent commendation from a client who recognized what we're doing says it all: “I love this – what a powerful and inspiring group of women leading the production of our event” In our ongoing quest for genuine inclusion and equity for women in our industry, we're no longer asking for a seat at the table - we're proactively building a new one. We are making IWD 2024 a moment when we celebrate how far we've come, and how we will continue to make tangible progress one show at a time. So, rally with us as we aren’t merely observing anymore; we're leading the charge. And we’re confident our supportive and encouraging male colleagues could not agree more. ;) We leave you today with one of our favorite quotes: "Well-behaved women rarely make history." —Eleanor Roosevelt Sound like a vibe you want to be apart of? Get in touch and lets start planning your future!

  • Events With Purpose

    Our client recently hosted an inaugural conference unlike any other, where diversity, equity, and inclusion took center stage. Agencyness had the privilege of orchestrating this two-day conference full of ideas and interactions that made for an unforgettable experience. The conference buzzed with an energy that was palpable, a testament to the colorful tapestry of attendees who brought their stories and spirits into the space. It wasn't just a meeting of minds but a celebration of what makes each of us unique. Of course, the heart of the conference was the amazing speakers. Agencyness didn't just produce and manage this aspect—we helped our clients curate an experience and bring their vision to life. Leaders and change-makers took to the stage to share insights and inspirations, each talk a thread woven into the larger narrative of change and progress. The decor was as dynamic as the dialogue, with bursts of color and pockets of interactive spaces designed to not only please the eye but to foster the flow of ideas, something we pride ourselves on at Agencyness. We formulated a creative photo-op session where with a swipe of lipstick, attendees scrawled powerful words representing DEI on their arms, turning their arms into living personal banners proudly flown for the world to see. Another fun element of the conference was lipology! Lipologists, like palm readers, have the power to read each lip print, as unique as fingerprints, which added a mystical touch to the fun. As we chimed “that’s a wrap” on this inaugural conference, it was clear that what took place was more than just another corporate event. It was a powerful demonstration of how when we support our clients with big initiatives we're not just talking about change—we're living it! And we are HERE-FOR-IT! #MOMENTSTHATMATTER #EVENTSWITHPURPOSE

  • Where Time Gets Tipsy and Events Get Edgy

    Leap Year saunters in every four years, tossing an extra day into February like a secret bonus track on your favorite album. It's the universe's way of saying, "Here, have some extra time," because, apparently, even celestial bodies recognize humans could use a do-over button every now and then. A Slice of History with Extra Toppings Good ol’ Julius Caesar, the OG calendar DJ, spinning Earth's orbit into a tune that almost syncs with the sun. Leap Year is his remix to avoid time drift, making it the ancient world's answer to "Oops, we miscalculated". Leap Day Love and Other Shenanigans Then there's Leap Day, flipping traditional courtship on its head since the 5th century. It's the original Sadie Hawkins Day, where women proposing to men isn't just accepted; it's tradition. Planning an event on this day? Channel that Leap Day spirit and create a bash where norms are parked at the door, and spontaneity reigns supreme. Bonus points if you manage to get a proposal story that beats "He asked over dinner". Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Quirky) Legend has it that Leap Day is sprinkled with a bit of luck, making it prime time for those "Why not?" moments. Hosting an event? Make it a "Leap of Faith" affair where guests are encouraged to embark on new ventures or maybe just try sushi for the first time. It's about making the most of this calendar oddity with a sense of adventure and, possibly, a dash of recklessness. Marketing Sass Leap Year's scarcity is like that limited-edition sneaker drop: blink and you'll miss it. Use this to your advantage. Market your event with the urgency of a midnight sale, teasing the exclusivity of a "Leap Year Edition" bash. Remember, this is your chance to sell the idea of a party so unique it's like finding a four-leaf clover in a concrete jungle. To Wrap It Up Leap Year is a chance to throw the kind of event that makes regular parties look like a Monday morning meeting. It's a reminder that time is weird, life is short, and every now and then, we get a 24-hour bonus round. Remember when it’s February 29th that it's not just another day - it's an excuse to leap a little higher, laugh a little louder, and maybe even plan the kind of event that'll have people talking until the next Leap Year rolls in. Source: advanceamerica | allthatinteresting

  • More of This Please: What’s IN for 2024

    Welcome to 2024 - where we’re leaping into this leap year, dusting off the holiday glitter, and refocusing our efforts; at AGENCYNESS, we’re setting those yearly intentions and laying the foundation for the 12 new chapters ahead. Being the proud #goaldiggers we are, we have always been fond of channeling our energy towards what we truly want to see flourish, and this year is no different. Therefore, rather than sharing our perspective on what’s IN vs. what’s OUT for the coming year, we are simply focusing on the positive – what's IN – and anchoring ourselves in what we want to see MORE OF in the coming year – event production style. 01. More Peer Networking and Human Connection: Not Just Agenda Buzzwords Let's face it, in the digital age, human connection is like gold dust. With remote work being the new normal, events are now the grand stage for real, tangible interactions. We're talking more peer-to-peer time, networking spaces, and activities that aren't just add-ons or the 15 minute coffee break, but the core of your event strategy. 🎯 Remember, your audience isn't just craving connections; they're downright famished for it! Julius Solaris hits the nail on the head with his insights on networking at events. Check out his post here for some food for thought. 02. Sweet Shizzle for My Snoop Dizzle: Embracing the Disruptors 2023 gave us more Snoop in all his glory, and we're not just talking about music. From his quirky collaborations we’ve seen in the past (hello, Martha!) to his most recent “I’m giving up smoke” ad campaign with Solo Stove that left the world spinning for a few days. And the announcement just this week that he’ll be joining NBC as host of the “high jump” at the 2024 Olympics in Paris - Snoop Dogg has been a breath of fresh, albeit smoky, air. 💨 And if you’re late to the party, Snoop's LinkedIn commentary is sooooo worth the follow in every way to read more about this rapper from the LBC, who has taken his role as business man to the next level. Let's bring more of this unexpected and delightful disruption into 2024 – cause we fo-shizzle need MORE of this in our lives. 03. Flawless Event Production: The Magic Behind the Scenes Do you feel like you have a technical curse that follows your events? 🙈 Have you clicked to advance that perfectly edited new video to no avail? 🙉 Did your microphone give that awful screeching feedback as you introduced yourself? 🙊 Was the timing off on your cues with your production team? If so, hire a show management team! Our motto is simple yet effective: help us help you! We are the ace up your sleeve, the magicians behind the curtain, ready to deliver a flawless show. 🪄 But to do so, we need to be (quite literally) one step ahead of you. 👟 We need to be even more prepared than you as a speaker to intercept potential mistakes onstage. These aren't hypothetical scenarios; these are real challenges we've faced and overcome. Remember, a great show is like a swan - graceful on the surface, but furiously paddling underneath. And we're pretty good at being those swans, just sayin’. 🦢 In all seriousness, these issues often arise from relying on teams that lack the necessary expertise to execute a show properly. Or perhaps it's a case of making too many last-minute changes, rushing into the general session mere minutes before it's due to start. A proficient Show Management Team, however, does more than just manage crises. A good team will proactively push you to meet deadlines, encourage speakers to participate in both pre-event and onsite rehearsals, ensure timely delivery of content, and promote thorough preparation. When we’re all on the same page, that’s when the real magic happens. 🌟 04. Engaging Keynotes: The Art of PREP-ER-A-TION Great speeches don't just happen; they're carefully crafted masterpieces. We're talking about thoughtful storytelling and extensive preparation that leave you craving more from said speaker; not just a last-minute PowerPoint hustle to get a point or two across. 📣 Have you ever wanted to deliver a speech that rivals your favorite TedTalk?  We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret; they are not preparing their speech the night before their presentation, nor the week before. 🤫 And with many industry professionals claiming [Connection > Content] is the new event strategy for 2024, the same ol’ song won’t be in tune for much longer – therefore the content and speech delivery cannot be good, it must be GREAT to resonate. Many times we are asked on the best approach to guiding speakers before a presentation and of course the messaging is critical – but what sets apart the best speakers in our book is no other than preparation. Take a leaf out of one of our favorite keynote speakers Judi Holler's books; she knows her stuff, balancing so many rehearsals she’s lost count with wellness rituals days before hitting the stage to be in top form EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. It's all about mind, body, and content alignment for this pro and it shows. PS – Judi Holler recently dropped ‘Speaker School’ and it’s an amazing concept for those that want to take their stage presence up a notch or two. And she loves to rock sequins and hot pink on stage while rapping poetry or dropping improv (what more can we ask for?!) 🪩 💖 05. Anchoring to a Strategy and Never Losing Sight Of It Do You Really Have a Strategy? This year, we challenge you to think deeply about your event strategy. It’s essential to have a clear, well-defined framework that guides every decision around the event. What is a Strategy, Really? A strategy is more than a set of goals; it’s the backbone of your decision-making process. It should be well-articulated and serve as the north star to align your program objectives. Consider the purpose of your event, the short/long term vision, company initiatives, your target audience and the KPI’s. What is NOT a strategy: A strategy is not the shiny new venue that you are selecting for your show, nor is it the detailed agenda for your program. We must think about the objective of the program and never lose sight of the preferred outcome. Alignment is Key. Every activity, event, session, or theme should align with your strategy. No matter how tempting (or cool) that sponsor activation could be, if it doesn’t align, it’s time to say no. Consistently ask: Does this align with our strategic goals? If not, let-it-go... ❄️ 🎶 ❄️ 06. Introverts, Unite! Creating Comfortable Spaces for All As self-proclaimed extroverted introverts, we get it. Events can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. It's high time we design our events to be inclusive, offering varied experiences that cater to all personalities. Small meetups, buddy programs, and serene wellness activities are just the beginning. 07. AI Tools: The Future Is Getting More Productive Yes, there’s an AI tool for that! 📲 We've just scratched the surface but we are approaching an era that resembles a time when mobile apps exploded. Although there is so much more to come, these tools have been revolutionizing productivity, and we're all for it. 📈 Our current favorite? for Zoom meetings. It's like having your personal assistant scribing away in that meeting, minus the coffee runs. Check it out! 📝 08. Color Blocking: Making Bold Statements Color blocking is not just a trend; it's a statement. 🎨 It's about being bold, vibrant, and unapologetically present. It's a visual feast that we absolutely adore, and we bet you will too. See for yourself how Swarovski brought this concept to life so beautifully. 💚💛🩷 There you have it – a sneak peek into what we want MORE of and our “IN” list for 2024. It's not just about following trends; it's about setting them (and sticking to ‘em). We’ll see you backstage! ;) Need more information about how. to incorporate these into your next event? Get in touch! Sources: NBC  | Swarovski

  • Peach Fuzz: Pantone's Color of the Year 2024 – Sassy and Subtle, Just Like Us

    Trendsetters and event enthusiasts - brace yourselves, because Pantone has just dropped its Color of the Year for 2024, and it's, well, peachy! Yes, "Peach Fuzz" is the hue du jour, and while we're all for warmth and comfort, let's admit it – it's also a bit of a cheeky nod to nostalgia and simplicity. But hey, who doesn't love a good throwback? Peach Fuzz: Not Just Your Grandma's Sofa Color Pantone's Peach Fuzz is like that vintage sweater you found at your fav vintage store. It's warm, it's fuzzy, and it's surprisingly versatile (like us, on a good day). It's like the color equivalent of a warm hug, or maybe a cheeky wink from across the room. Event Styling: Peachy Keen or Peach Overkill? Let's talk event styling. Peach Fuzz is the color Pantone wants us to obsess over, so how do we incorporate it without making our events look like a peach cobbler exploded? Subtle Touches: Use Peach Fuzz in small doses. Think accents, not entire walls. We don't want our attendees feeling like they've been swallowed by a giant peach. Mix and Match: Pair it with contrasting colors. Pinks, teals, and browns - oh my! Peach Fuzz plays well with others, especially if you don't want your event looking like a 70s flashback. Fashion Statements: Encourage a Peach Fuzz dress code, but in a non-pushy way. We're aiming for chic, not a walking fruit salad. Marketing with a Twist: Use Peach Fuzz in your event branding, but keep it low key. Remember, we’re keeping it subtle! Our Takeaway: Peachy, but Make it Fashion Pantone's Peach Fuzz is here, and whether we asked for it or not, it's making a statement. As event professionals, we've got the fun task of turning this fuzzy, warm, slightly retro shade into something modern and fabulous. We’re embracing it with open arms, because if we can't have a little fun with our color schemes, then what's the point? Will you be embracing Peach Fuzz in your own projects? Let us know! Check out Pantone's official website to get the full rundown. Source: Pantone

  • ‘Tis the Season for AH-MAZING Luxury Brand Displays

    As the season of sparkle and shine is upon us, so are the brand Holiday displays that we love to see each year. This year, they're bold, they're chic, and they've got attitude. At Agencyness, we can't help but raise our glasses to these luxury brands that dare to push the envelope - we're all for the extra, the bold, and the outright glamorous when it comes to brand presence during the holidays. 1. Claridge's Christmas Tree by Louis Vuitton: Oh, Claridge's, you've done it again. Teaming up with Louis Vuitton for 2023's tree, you've proven that the Christmas Tree isn't just about traditions; it's about shaking them up with a twist of luxury. Imagine a tree that doesn’t just twinkle – it practically struts down the runway. It's a symphony of Louis Vuitton's chic extravagance with a yuletide twist. It's not just a tree; it's a statement piece. 2. Dior's Carousel of Dreams at Saks Fifth Avenue: Move over, sugarplums. There's a new fantasy in town, and it's Dior's "Carousel of Dreams" at Saks - because why settle for a simple window display when you can have an entire carousel? This carousel doesn't just go around – it sashays. It's a dazzling display of elegance that says, "Holiday cheer? We prefer holiday chic." 3. Harrods and Valentino's Pink Christmas Spectacular: Now, let's talk about Harrods and Valentino, who apparently decided that green and red are so last year. Their "Pink Christmas" screams (in the most refined, couture way), "Why be traditional when you can be exceptional?" It's a pink, plushy, posh paradise that makes you wonder if Santa might ditch his red suit for something a bit more... Valentino. These displays are more than just eye candy; they're a feast for the soul of every fashion-loving, trend-setting, sass-embracing individual out there. As we dive into this holiday season at Agencyness, we're taking notes and getting inspired. Because if there's one thing this year's luxury displays teach us, it's that when it comes to celebrations, a little glam goes a long way! Source: Bergdorf Goodman | Louis Vuitton | Dior | Valentino

  • Our Favorite Gifts for the Event Prof

    We’re feeling all those festive-vibes! And what is better than a little shopping in between Zoom calls this month. As fellow event profs, I think we all can admit to craving those unique, "where did you find that?" elements that make our “show blacks” a tad more sassy and we are here for it. But one additional secret ingredient we’d like to get behind? – shopping small. Just like us at Agencyness as a boutique firm, we want to share some amazing finds we’ve pinned down to support our fellow small business dreamers this holiday season. Now we still have a love for our larger brands too, but supporting small brands is something we love just as equally. Working with small businesses often means partnering directly with the creative brains behind the brand. Hello, custom-made heaven! 1. Shorty Love: Stylish Accessories for Event Staff Event staff are the face of your event. Equip them with Shorty Love's fashionable crossbody bags for a professional yet chic look. These bags are not only stylish but also practical, allowing staff to keep essentials handy while on the move, ensuring smooth event operations. 2. Roam Luggage: Bespoke Travel Solutions we ALL need! Roam Luggage isn't just another suitcase; it's a travel statement that can be personalized. Imagine gifting yourself (yep - we said it) VIP guests or speakers with custom-designed luggage this holiday. It's a necessity with the travel in our worlds; why not make it your own? 3. The New Balance 327s: THE Sneakers for Us! For event professionals clocking in over 20,000 steps onsite, the New Balance 327 sneakers are an absolute game-changer. Their blend of comfort, with a cushioned midsole and supportive fit, justifies every penny of their affordable price. Whether it's navigating through bustling event venues or long travel days, these sneakers ensure our feet are well-cared for, making them a worthwhile investment for our active lifestyles. 4. Olehenriksen: Skincare Heaven for Event Profs As event professionals constantly on the move, whether it's winter days, travel, or show days, the Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer is our go-to for keeping our skin refreshed and vibrant. Packed with peptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, it's a lifesaver for maintaining hydration and elasticity amidst our hectic schedules and generally long days. 5. Kashwere: Luxurious Comfort for Everyone Add a touch of luxury to your relaxation time with the plush comfort of Kashwere bathrobes. These soft robes are perfect for making anyone feel pampered and special, offering a cozy and indulgent experience that everyone deserves! 6. Get Detox Babe: Wellness Gifts for Your Team Incorporating wellness into our daily routines (and events) is not only a growing trend - it is here to stay. Get Detox Babe offers delightful detox products that can be wonderful gifts for your team this holiday. Happy Shopping Event Profs! Source: Shorty Love | Roam Luggage | New Balance | Olehenriksen | Kashwere | Detox Babe

  • Apricot Crushin’ on WGSNs 2024 Color of the Year

    When WGSN and Coloro announce their Color of the Year, it sets the stage for upcoming trends in design, fashion, and event production - so look out 2024, here comes Apricot Crush! A color, a mood, an attitude, an exhilarating wave of freshness that’s about to sweep through design, fashion, and yep, even event production. Described by WGSN as a "restorative, refreshing, and energetic" hue, Apricot Crush is here to shake things up as we navigate our complex world. Apricot Crush, with its sunny disposition, is the new best friend for earthy tones like olive and brown, creating a cozy autumn vibe. Come spring and summer, it’s the life of the party, dancing alongside vibrant turquoise - we love the versatility! We can see it already – from crush-worthy décor to lighting that bathes everything in a dreamy, peachy glow. This color isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a statement and full-on sensory experience. From the show floor to the chic lounges, from graphics to your next epic party outfit, we’re here for it. We're excited to see how Apricot Crush will inspire our design and experiences in 2024. 🧡 Source: WGSN

  • Preparing for the Unpredictable at Your Events

    We've witnessed countless shows and events over the years, big and small. We thought we had seen it all. However, there's always that one moment, that first time, when you face a situation that leaves you awestruck and grateful for your preparation. Let us take you through an unforgettable moment that we want to share with our fellow event professionals. We were in the midst of a spectacular event, everything unfolding just as planned. Attendees were engaged, the atmosphere was electric, and then, believe it or not, a fire broke out at the venue — in the middle of our event! Panic could have ensued, but we were ready. Nearly two dozen firefighters rushed to the scene, and the event was briefly disrupted as they battled the flames. It's the kind of situation you never expect but should always be prepared for. This experience reinforced a crucial lesson: Have a plan for anything and everything that can happen at your event. It's not a matter of "if"; it's a matter of "when." We were fortunate that nobody was hurt, which was an immense relief, and it was all thanks to the coordinated efforts of true professionals who reacted quickly and remained calm. Our emergency plan was a lifesaver. It wasn't just a plan on paper; it was a well-rehearsed strategy that everyone on our team knew by heart. We had also taken steps to ensure we had on-site police support at the event, which proved to be invaluable in this situation. Now, we want to emphasize something crucial. If you often work at private venues, consider investing in on-site police, medical services, and even a fire department via a fire watch. Yes, it's an added budget consideration, but it can make all the difference when you need to react to an emergency quickly for the safety of your attendees. While it might seem like an extra expense, it's an investment in peace of mind. When you're responsible for the well-being of those at your event, knowing that you have the right support in place can be a game-changer. It's not just about insurance; it's about having a team of professionals on hand who are ready to respond to any situation. We share this story to remind you of the importance of preparation. Events are dynamic, and the unexpected can happen at any time. It's our duty to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in attendance. Stay safe, stay prepared, and may your events always be memorable for all the right reasons. Before ... and After

  • Agencyness’ Favorite AI Tools - Smashing Those Creative Blocks

    Happy Halloween Event Profs! We're excited to share a game-changing AI tool that's taken our event design inspo to the next level: Midjourney. Midjourney is the Picasso of AI tools, a creative genius at your service when you need an extra spark or idea to get those creative juices flowing. Unlock Your Creativity: Real Life Inspo When you need “out of the box ideas'' let Midjourney be your creative companion to help steer you in the right direction. Now, we’re not suggesting this AI tool to replace your own genius ideas, but it certainly helps deliver creativity in ways never quite accessible before when searching for a bit more inspo to add the extra oomph to your event design. To give you a taste of what’s possible, here are some prompt examples we have generated using Midjourney, spooky style!: Prompt: A luxury fashion brand hosts a brand pop up with a fashion show in a pumpkin patch Prompt: A modern stage set with neon accents in a spooky halloween theme Prompt: A large tech conference is hosted in a haunted house As you can see from the visuals above, the graphics are interesting and although we wouldn't be replicating these anytime soon, each of them do have cool elements we would take into consideration for designs that fit the bill. And the best part, these were all generated in seconds. More on How Midjourney Gives Your Event Design a Creative Edge Visualize Your Imagination: Midjourney helps you see your event visions come to life. Need ideas for stage or set design? Midjourney generates images that match your imagination. Save Time: Say goodbye to time consuming stock photo searches or tirelessly looking for that inspiring photo to help support the concept you’re looking to bring to life. Your 24/7 creative studio, producing visuals of literally anything you can think of, on demand. End those Creativite Blocks: Midjourney helps you get over the hump of those pesky creative roadblocks and allows you to warm up before the real magic begins Infinite Iterations: Test and experiment with countless design ideas effortlessly until you find the perfect spark of inspiration. But there is one (important) thing to note. Using generative AI tools, like Midjourney, does come with a learning curve and it takes time and practice to get the hang of it. However, once you master it, the possibilities can be endless. Midjourney is helping us smash through those creative roadblocks and make our event design journey a little more unexpected and exciting. Stay creative, stay innovative, and let this AI tool help you with new, groundbreaking designs. Stay sparkly ✨ (and spooky)! 👻

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