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Collaborate to Accelerate: The Case Study of a Winning Event Strategy

This show is a prime example of what we always strive for when it comes to supporting a client’s event objective: 

Have an event strategy and never lose sight of it.

No matter how tempting it may be to add that “cool new idea” to the mix, if it doesn’t quite align, then the answer is simple: 

Appreciate it, but let’s bookmark for later. 

To successfully drive an event strategy from start to finish you have to live and breathe that message and weave it into every aspect of the show. 

This is where the magic happens. 🪄


The Theme that Inspired the Event Strategy 

The "Collaborate to Accelerate," theme was appropriately inspired by the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, designed to ignite innovation and celebrate shared achievements. 

The client understood that teamwork is the engine that drives the company to success and it takes a collective effort of all teams globally to level up their game and WIN in this highly competitive landscape of prestige beauty.  

They came to us with this theme and then AGENCYNESS took these four steps to create a collaborative environment with our client to bring it all to life for the attendees.

🏁Step 1: Create The Content

The concept of "building the perfect beauty race car" served as a central theme throughout the conference and the speeches were the heart of the event. 

Each speech was tailored to this theme, aligning individual brand strategies and business goals with the importance of cross-functional collaboration for future success. 

The "storyteller series" added a human touch, further reinforcing the need for teamwork. 

The brand's renowned learning and development team took the theme to the workshops as well by implementing a "pit-crew" approach, reinforcing the importance of teamwork for successful learning and development. 

We were proud to support the client in this endeavor, managing speakers, reviewing content, and acting as a trusted advisor to land the messaging. 

 🏁Step 2: Design The Event Environment

Every attendee touch point was thoughtfully designed; however a strong focus was on the general session set design, where attendees spent most of their time. 

We embraced the F1 theme with an oval stage adorned with racing stripes. The inset step unit, reminiscent of a vintage sports car grille, added a playful touch. Chrome silver drapery completed the look and allowed for a seamless transition to an evening event with strategic lighting adjustments. 

While maintaining a classy and glamorous feel, subtle racing-inspired elements kept the theme alive throughout the week. 

Budget-Friendly Brilliance 

Believe it or not, this stage set was created on a budget! We're experts in creating impressive, cost-effective designs.

🏁Step 3: Create Opportunities for Celebration

To align the brand's “cool-vibes” culture, the venue was transformed into an awards gala known as the Annual Sneaker Ball for “A Night in Monaco”. 

The glamorous evening captured the essence of Monaco, a city synonymous with F1 racing while the experiential was (insert chef’s kiss here)! 

From vintage car photo ops, to the “accelerate your cocktail” custom spirits, casino games, laser-etched custom engraved gifts and a DJ that kept those sneakers moving well into the night. 

It was a celebration for the books!

🏁Step 4: The Added Details

Let’s not forget the extra details that go into producing a best-in-class conference.

From graphic design, communications pre and post event, racing inspired swag, food & beverage activations to the post production sizzle reel, the theme was met at every breath along the attendee journey to reinforce the event objective.  

In closing, from the outset we aligned seamlessly with the brand's clear event strategy, making it our guiding light throughout the entire process. 

The attendee engagement scores tell a clear story of our success:

The highest Return on Engagement (ROE) ever recorded for this event.

Every detail, big or small, matters to us and we relished in bringing this vision to reality.

AGENCYNESS is honored to partner with this leading beauty brand for their annual conference. Be on the lookout for what we have up our sleeve for next year. 

📣 Shameless plug

Looking to elevate your next event and bring those ideas to life? 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an unforgettable event that delivers next level results.

Photo collab: Damion Hamilton


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