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‘Tis the Season for AH-MAZING Luxury Brand Displays

As the season of sparkle and shine is upon us, so are the brand Holiday displays that we love to see each year. This year, they're bold, they're chic, and they've got attitude. At Agencyness, we can't help but raise our glasses to these luxury brands that dare to push the envelope - we're all for the extra, the bold, and the outright glamorous when it comes to brand presence during the holidays.

1. Claridge's Christmas Tree by Louis Vuitton:

Oh, Claridge's, you've done it again. Teaming up with Louis Vuitton for 2023's tree, you've proven that the Christmas Tree isn't just about traditions; it's about shaking them up with a twist of luxury. Imagine a tree that doesn’t just twinkle – it practically struts down the runway. It's a symphony of Louis Vuitton's chic extravagance with a yuletide twist. It's not just a tree; it's a statement piece.

2. Dior's Carousel of Dreams at Saks Fifth Avenue:

Move over, sugarplums. There's a new fantasy in town, and it's Dior's "Carousel of Dreams" at Saks - because why settle for a simple window display when you can have an entire carousel? This carousel doesn't just go around – it sashays. It's a dazzling display of elegance that says, "Holiday cheer? We prefer holiday chic."

3. Harrods and Valentino's Pink Christmas Spectacular:

Now, let's talk about Harrods and Valentino, who apparently decided that green and red are so last year. Their "Pink Christmas" screams (in the most refined, couture way), "Why be traditional when you can be exceptional?" It's a pink, plushy, posh paradise that makes you wonder if Santa might ditch his red suit for something a bit more... Valentino.

These displays are more than just eye candy; they're a feast for the soul of every fashion-loving, trend-setting, sass-embracing individual out there. As we dive into this holiday season at Agencyness, we're taking notes and getting inspired. Because if there's one thing this year's luxury displays teach us, it's that when it comes to celebrations, a little glam goes a long way!


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