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Apricot Crushin’ on WGSNs 2024 Color of the Year

When WGSN and Coloro announce their Color of the Year, it sets the stage for upcoming trends in design, fashion, and event production - so look out 2024, here comes Apricot Crush! A color, a mood, an attitude, an exhilarating wave of freshness that’s about to sweep through design, fashion, and yep, even event production.

Described by WGSN as a "restorative, refreshing, and energetic" hue, Apricot Crush is here to shake things up as we navigate our complex world. Apricot Crush, with its sunny disposition, is the new best friend for earthy tones like olive and brown, creating a cozy autumn vibe. Come spring and summer, it’s the life of the party, dancing alongside vibrant turquoise - we love the versatility!

We can see it already – from crush-worthy décor to lighting that bathes everything in a dreamy, peachy glow. This color isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a statement and full-on sensory experience. From the show floor to the chic lounges, from graphics to your next epic party outfit, we’re here for it.

We're excited to see how Apricot Crush will inspire our design and experiences in 2024. 🧡

Source: WGSN


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