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This Brand Brought the Boldness to SF Pride

As we prepare to sunset Pride Month ‘23, we’re featuring how our client made their mark on the San Francisco Pride Parade.

Embracing their theme Now More Than Ever, they showed up with unapologetic boldness while staying true to their brand identity.

We brought this vibrant vision to life with eye-catching scenic elements, custom wearables, heart-pumping beats to energize supporters, and best of all — thousands of product giveaways that lit up Market Street with excitement.

Would you believe it if we called this a "budget success"? This year, our client was unable to finance a lavish parade float, but that didn't deter us.

We dialed up the creativity + scrappiness to ensure they still showed up well to make a good impression while wisely allocating their budget where it made the most impact.

The brand’s inherent superpowers — their AMAZING products and a vibrant, playful culture, worked to our advantage and gave us plenty of ideas to tap into.

It allowed them to still create a significant impact in the parade, achieving their goals to show up as an influential Brand. It's a testament to the fact that a strong brand identity can shine brightly, regardless of budget constraints — and we are here for it!


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