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Come on Barbie, Let’s Go [to a Marketing Genius] Party!

Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of marketing brilliance was a brand that captured the hearts of millions and inspired the imagination of generations - Barbie!

Mattel, Inc.'s iconic doll has once again taken the world by storm, and her latest movie release is no exception to the magic that surrounds her.

We have been marveling at the genius that is Barbie’s latest live-action, cinematic adventure.

It is clear that Mattel, Inc. thought of everything long before the movie's journey began to create experiences that money simply cannot buy - from a snazzy OPI nail polish collection to other jaw dropping experiences, they’ve captivated audiences all around the world.

The marketing campaign left no stone unturned; it was truly a masterclass in partnership marketing, and we were in awe of the strategic collaborations that took place.

Now, it’s hard to pick favorites, but let's explore some of the marketing stints we personally loved most.

1. Barbie x Zara: Fashion Frenzy for Everyone!

Who says only dolls can rock fashion? With a match made in style heaven, Barbie and Zara joined hands to offer a magical collection that allows fans to embrace Barbie's iconic fashion sense.

From chic tees to statement pieces, this collaboration invited everyone to be a part of the Barbie magic.

2. HGTV Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge: Reno Wars and Pink-tastic Wonders

Move over, Property Brothers! HGTVs’ stars took their tool belts to a whole new level in this four-part series. A competition in renovating a home into a dazzling Barbie inspired haven? Sign us up!

3. Barbie x AirBnB: A Dream Staycation Come True, Because We Deserve It!

Dreams are definitely coming true with AirBnBs’ collaboration with Barbie.

Two lucky fans were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at the Barbie Dreamhouse, free of charge (yes, you read that right it was an experience money could not buy), to celebrate the movie's release.

Two lucky fans living it up in Barbie's pad, sipping pretend pink lemonade and living their best life while Barbie is away? Ken, we see what you’re up to, and we’re all for it!

4. Barbie x Beis: Traveling in Style, No Pink Passport Required!

Who needs a magic carpet when you have Barbie inspired BEIS luggage? Fans get the chance to jet-set with vibrant pink suitcases, carry-ons, and more, channeling their inner Barbie as they venture around the world.

Now, to all the #eventprofs, it’s time to ditch the “show blacks” this summer and rock the pink for once!

5. World of Barbie Experience: Imagination Overdrive

At the World of Barbie Experience, our inner child (and experiential inspo) went bananas! This interactive experience beckoned fans to twirl, laugh, and live it up in Barbie's world.

Vans, rockets, studios - they’ve got it covered. This hot spot truly brings Barbie's universe to life.

6. Barbie Cafe: Sip, Savor, and Celebrate - Barbie Style

Calling all Barbie foodies! NYC and Chicago played host to two extraordinary themed cafes, where the magic extended to tantalizing pink drinks and delectable treats.

Fans get the chance to step into a world of nostalgia and indulge in some of Barbie's favorite foods in the company of like-minded Barbie-enthusiasts.

7. Barbie Spotify Playlist: Dance Floor Anthems for Your Inner Superstar

Who needs a dance partner when you can boogie with Barbie? This super fun Barbie-inspired playlist on Spotify brought joy and delight to fans of all ages.

Filled with catchy tunes and memorable melodies from the movie, this playlist makes dreams come true, one dance step at a time.

Barbie hit the big screens last weekend, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide and raking in $155MM domestically for the highest-grossing debut in 2023.

The success was not just a testament to the movie’s (or Margot Robbies) charm, but also a result of strategic marketing brilliance.

As we reflect, we can’t help but admire Mattel, Inc,'s dedication to bringing their beloved Barbie to life in such an unforgettable way. The attention to detail showcased a team passionate about their brand and fans.

So, as we celebrate the success of Barbie’s movie, we raise a toast to Mattel, Inc.'s marketing genius and their pursuit of making dreams come true for Barbie fans around the world.

May Barbie's tales continue to inspire us and remind us that when it comes to marketing, sometimes, you just have to think like Barbie and believe that anything is possible.

Stay sparkly! 💖


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