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Events With Purpose

Our client recently hosted an inaugural conference unlike any other, where diversity, equity, and inclusion took center stage. Agencyness had the privilege of orchestrating this two-day conference full of ideas and interactions that made for an unforgettable experience. 

The conference buzzed with an energy that was palpable, a testament to the colorful tapestry of attendees who brought their stories and spirits into the space. It wasn't just a meeting of minds but a celebration of what makes each of us unique. 

Of course, the heart of the conference was the amazing speakers. Agencyness didn't just produce and manage this aspect—we helped our clients curate an experience and bring their vision to life. Leaders and change-makers took to the stage to share insights and inspirations, each talk a thread woven into the larger narrative of change and progress. 

The decor was as dynamic as the dialogue, with bursts of color and pockets of interactive spaces designed to not only please the eye but to foster the flow of ideas, something we pride ourselves on at Agencyness.  

We formulated a creative photo-op session where with a swipe of lipstick, attendees scrawled powerful words representing DEI on their arms, turning their arms into living personal banners proudly flown for the world to see. Another fun element of the conference was lipology! Lipologists, like palm readers, have the power to read each lip print, as unique as fingerprints, which added a mystical touch to the fun. 

As we chimed “that’s a wrap” on this inaugural conference, it was clear that what took place was more than just another corporate event. It was a powerful demonstration of how when we support our clients with big initiatives we're not just talking about change—we're living it! And we are HERE-FOR-IT!


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