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The Party's Over for Noncompetes! 

Written by Kelly Burns, Founder + Managing Director, AGENCYNESS 

The event production industry is no exception. 

The FTC's landmark ruling to ban these restrictive agreements is a game-changer for marketing + event professionals and signals a change for the industry.

While historically seen as a safeguard for client relationships, these agreements can stifle innovation and limit career mobility for talented event professionals.

Bye-Bye Boxed In:

For too long, talented event professionals have been handcuffed by these non-competes, limiting their ability to pursue new opportunities and advance their careers.

I too, faced this previously in my career with agencies putting a stronghold on the relationships I had built over countless years. Therefore, when new opportunities and greener pastures had presented themselves, it wasn’t always the easiest decision to take the leap. 

Collaboration, Not Control:

The FTC's decision further strengthens our thought process in general: Strong client relationships are built on trust and collaboration, not contractual limitations

The Future is Freer:

With non-competes out of the picture, event professionals can now freely leverage their expertise across diverse portfolios and level the playing field amongst the ever-advancing industry.

This synergy of talent fosters an environment brimming with fresh concepts and disruptive approaches.

Imagine a world where event professionals with experience from different agencies collaborate to create truly groundbreaking experiences for your brand!

A Breath of Fresh Air for This Agency:

As an event agency owner, you might expect some pushback from me on the non-compete ban. But here's the thing: this ruling is a breath of fresh air for this business.

Why? It aligns perfectly with how I believe we should operate.

Sure, there might be a bit of risk involved – a challenge to constantly improve and retain top talent. But that challenge pushes me to be a better leader, not just another face onsite for clients. 

Loyalty based on trust, not restrictions, is what truly matters to me.

Source: FTC


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