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International Women's Day 2024 | Inspire Inclusion

International Women's Day 2024: Brace yourselves! This International Women's Day, AGENCYNESS isn't just joining the conversation on inclusion for women—we've been rewriting the script and shouting it from the rooftops.

"Inspire Inclusion" isn't a mere theme to us; it's our rallying cry. As a trailblazing company owned and operated by fierce women, we're not here to play by the rules. We're here to redefine the game.

Enough with the lip service; we're rolling up our sleeves and taking action! 

Our Rallying Cry: Why do we care so much? Because it is coded into our DNA!

We've navigated the "sweethearts," the eye rolls, and the slammed doors throughout our careers. And what did we do? We kicked those doors down and made our own entrance. Our paths have been anything but a leisurely stroll. It's been a relentless marathon – in 4” heels… backwards.

But here we are, forging the path, running 6 minute miles, and ready to learn from our own personal setbacks and celebrate our victories to empower others. Though we must remember - there is more work to do.  

Commitment to Change: Let’s cut to the chase — change, especially regarding fair pay, recognition, and career growth for women and crushing the archaic "good ol' boys" club in live production is overdue.

AGENCYNESS stands proud with our army of women in production, show management and AV roles, and we’re providing the opportunities aforementioned for these women to thrive.

A few examples of these are:

💸 We compensate fairly and take steps to ensure they know their worth! Ever heard of an agency willing to pay more than what was asked? That’s us, continuously fighting for the proper valuation of women’s roles in our programs.

🎯 We offer the flexibility to travel with families when they need to be onsite for our programs. Listen, show business is tough - especially on families. But extending the opportunity for a flexible environment where we want our team performing at their best is key. Husbands, partners, children, nannies, friends? No problem - just be on time. ;)

✨ We empower women to bring their magic to the table in ways that help with their career growth. We are BIG fans of supporting those who ask for it. What is your preferred role on this project?  Where can you make the most impact for our team?  It’s these kinds of actions that can be powerful to us all.   

🌱 We are big advocates of mentorship. Ever have thoughts of what you would tell your young self entering into this industry, let alone the corporate world?  Yeah, us too!

Leveraging seasoned professionals' insights to pave the way for the new wave of young women in this complex industry can help prepare them to better navigate the learning curve and balance the intense workloads against a flourishing personal life. 

Nothing fulfills us more than providing real solutions – and dare we say: with a bit more grace. A recent commendation from a client who recognized what we're doing says it all: “I love this – what a powerful and inspiring group of women leading the production of our event”

In our ongoing quest for genuine inclusion and equity for women in our industry, we're no longer asking for a seat at the table - we're proactively building a new one.

We are making IWD 2024 a moment when we celebrate how far we've come, and how we will continue to make tangible progress one show at a time. So, rally with us as we aren’t merely observing anymore; we're leading the charge. 

And we’re confident our supportive and encouraging male colleagues could not agree more. ;)

We leave you today with one of our favorite quotes:

"Well-behaved women rarely make history." —Eleanor Roosevelt

Sound like a vibe you want to be apart of? Get in touch and lets start planning your future!


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