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More of This Please: What’s IN for 2024

Welcome to 2024 - where we’re leaping into this leap year, dusting off the holiday glitter, and refocusing our efforts; at AGENCYNESS, we’re setting those yearly intentions and laying the foundation for the 12 new chapters ahead.

Being the proud #goaldiggers we are, we have always been fond of channeling our energy towards what we truly want to see flourish, and this year is no different.

Therefore, rather than sharing our perspective on what’s IN vs. what’s OUT for the coming year, we are simply focusing on the positive – what's IN – and anchoring ourselves in what we want to see MORE OF in the coming year – event production style.

01. More Peer Networking and Human Connection: Not Just Agenda Buzzwords

Let's face it, in the digital age, human connection is like gold dust. With remote work being the new normal, events are now the grand stage for real, tangible interactions.

We're talking more peer-to-peer time, networking spaces, and activities that aren't just add-ons or the 15 minute coffee break, but the core of your event strategy. 🎯

Remember, your audience isn't just craving connections; they're downright famished for it!

Julius Solaris hits the nail on the head with his insights on networking at events. Check out his post here for some food for thought.

02. Sweet Shizzle for My Snoop Dizzle: Embracing the Disruptors

2023 gave us more Snoop in all his glory, and we're not just talking about music.

From his quirky collaborations we’ve seen in the past (hello, Martha!) to his most recent “I’m giving up smoke” ad campaign with Solo Stove that left the world spinning for a few days.

And the announcement just this week that he’ll be joining NBC as host of the “high jump” at the 2024 Olympics in Paris - Snoop Dogg has been a breath of fresh, albeit smoky, air. 💨

And if you’re late to the party, Snoop's LinkedIn commentary is sooooo worth the follow in every way to read more about this rapper from the LBC, who has taken his role as business man to the next level.

Let's bring more of this unexpected and delightful disruption into 2024 – cause we fo-shizzle need MORE of this in our lives.  

03. Flawless Event Production: The Magic Behind the Scenes

Do you feel like you have a technical curse that follows your events?  

🙈 Have you clicked to advance that perfectly edited new video to no avail?  

🙉 Did your microphone give that awful screeching feedback as you introduced yourself?

🙊 Was the timing off on your cues with your production team?

If so, hire a show management team! Our motto is simple yet effective: help us help you! We are the ace up your sleeve, the magicians behind the curtain, ready to deliver a flawless show. 🪄

But to do so, we need to be (quite literally) one step ahead of you. 👟

We need to be even more prepared than you as a speaker to intercept potential mistakes onstage. These aren't hypothetical scenarios; these are real challenges we've faced and overcome.

Remember, a great show is like a swan - graceful on the surface, but furiously paddling underneath. And we're pretty good at being those swans, just sayin’. 🦢

In all seriousness, these issues often arise from relying on teams that lack the necessary expertise to execute a show properly.

Or perhaps it's a case of making too many last-minute changes, rushing into the general session mere minutes before it's due to start.

A proficient Show Management Team, however, does more than just manage crises. A good team will proactively push you to meet deadlines, encourage speakers to participate in both pre-event and onsite rehearsals, ensure timely delivery of content, and promote thorough preparation.

When we’re all on the same page, that’s when the real magic happens. 🌟

04. Engaging Keynotes: The Art of PREP-ER-A-TION

Great speeches don't just happen; they're carefully crafted masterpieces.

We're talking about thoughtful storytelling and extensive preparation that leave you craving more from said speaker; not just a last-minute PowerPoint hustle to get a point or two across. 📣 

Have you ever wanted to deliver a speech that rivals your favorite TedTalk?  We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret; they are not preparing their speech the night before their presentation, nor the week before. 🤫

And with many industry professionals claiming [Connection > Content] is the new event strategy for 2024, the same ol’ song won’t be in tune for much longer – therefore the content and speech delivery cannot be good, it must be GREAT to resonate.  

Many times we are asked on the best approach to guiding speakers before a presentation and of course the messaging is critical – but what sets apart the best speakers in our book is no other than preparation.

Take a leaf out of one of our favorite keynote speakers Judi Holler's books; she knows her stuff, balancing so many rehearsals she’s lost count with wellness rituals days before hitting the stage to be in top form EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. It's all about mind, body, and content alignment for this pro and it shows.

PS – Judi Holler recently dropped ‘Speaker School’ and it’s an amazing concept for those that want to take their stage presence up a notch or two. And she loves to rock sequins and hot pink on stage while rapping poetry or dropping improv (what more can we ask for?!) 🪩 💖

05. Anchoring to a Strategy and Never Losing Sight Of It

Do You Really Have a Strategy?  

This year, we challenge you to think deeply about your event strategy. It’s essential to have a clear, well-defined framework that guides every decision around the event.

What is a Strategy, Really? 

A strategy is more than a set of goals; it’s the backbone of your decision-making process. It should be well-articulated and serve as the north star to align your program objectives.

Consider the purpose of your event, the short/long term vision, company initiatives, your target audience and the KPI’s.

What is NOT a strategy:  

A strategy is not the shiny new venue that you are selecting for your show, nor is it the detailed agenda for your program. We must think about the objective of the program and never lose sight of the preferred outcome.

Alignment is Key.

Every activity, event, session, or theme should align with your strategy. No matter how tempting (or cool) that sponsor activation could be, if it doesn’t align, it’s time to say no.

Consistently ask: Does this align with our strategic goals?  

If not, let-it-go... ❄️ 🎶 ❄️

06. Introverts, Unite! Creating Comfortable Spaces for All

As self-proclaimed extroverted introverts, we get it. Events can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers.

It's high time we design our events to be inclusive, offering varied experiences that cater to all personalities.

Small meetups, buddy programs, and serene wellness activities are just the beginning.

07. AI Tools: The Future Is Getting More Productive

Yes, there’s an AI tool for that! 📲

We've just scratched the surface but we are approaching an era that resembles a time when mobile apps exploded. Although there is so much more to come, these tools have been revolutionizing productivity, and we're all for it. 📈

Our current favorite? for Zoom meetings. It's like having your personal assistant scribing away in that meeting, minus the coffee runs. Check it out! 📝

08. Color Blocking: Making Bold Statements

Color blocking is not just a trend; it's a statement. 🎨

It's about being bold, vibrant, and unapologetically present.

It's a visual feast that we absolutely adore, and we bet you will too.  

See for yourself how Swarovski brought this concept to life so beautifully. 💚💛🩷

There you have it – a sneak peek into what we want MORE of and our “IN” list for 2024. It's not just about following trends; it's about setting them (and sticking to ‘em). 

We’ll see you backstage! ;) 

Need more information about how. to incorporate these into your next event? Get in touch!

Sources: NBC  | Swarovski


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