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Agencyness’ Favorite AI Tools - Smashing Those Creative Blocks

Happy Halloween Event Profs!

We're excited to share a game-changing AI tool that's taken our event design inspo to the next level: Midjourney. Midjourney is the Picasso of AI tools, a creative genius at your service when you need an extra spark or idea to get those creative juices flowing.

Unlock Your Creativity: Real Life Inspo

When you need “out of the box ideas'' let Midjourney be your creative companion to help steer you in the right direction. Now, we’re not suggesting this AI tool to replace your own genius ideas, but it certainly helps deliver creativity in ways never quite accessible before when searching for a bit more inspo to add the extra oomph to your event design.

To give you a taste of what’s possible, here are some prompt examples we have generated using Midjourney, spooky style!:


A luxury fashion brand hosts a brand pop up with a fashion show in a pumpkin patch


A modern stage set with neon accents in a spooky halloween theme


A large tech conference is hosted in a haunted house

As you can see from the visuals above, the graphics are interesting and although we wouldn't be replicating these anytime soon, each of them do have cool elements we would take into consideration for designs that fit the bill. And the best part, these were all generated in seconds.

More on How Midjourney Gives Your Event Design a Creative Edge

Visualize Your Imagination: Midjourney helps you see your event visions come to life. Need ideas for stage or set design? Midjourney generates images that match your imagination.

Save Time: Say goodbye to time consuming stock photo searches or tirelessly looking for that inspiring photo to help support the concept you’re looking to bring to life.

Your 24/7 creative studio, producing visuals of literally anything you can think of, on demand.

End those Creativite Blocks: Midjourney helps you get over the hump of those pesky creative roadblocks and allows you to warm up before the real magic begins

Infinite Iterations: Test and experiment with countless design ideas effortlessly until you find the perfect spark of inspiration.

But there is one (important) thing to note. Using generative AI tools, like Midjourney, does come with a learning curve and it takes time and practice to get the hang of it. However, once you master it, the possibilities can be endless.

Midjourney is helping us smash through those creative roadblocks and make our event design journey a little more unexpected and exciting. Stay creative, stay innovative, and let this AI tool help you with new, groundbreaking designs.

Stay sparkly ✨ (and spooky)! 👻


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