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SDCA Keynote 

Making Beauty Personal was poignantly themed for this conference, and it was a production spectacle!  Over the four-day conference with 1600 employees from the US, Canada and LATAM is was jam-packed with activities, keynotes, brand activations and events.  But the star of the week was the production value in the general session.  

On the kick-off of the program, the show opened in usual style with a custom mix of bumping pop music, moving lights and all of accompaniments of a live show to get attendees fired up.  But wait -- there was more!  After about 10 seconds into the opening of the show, our five LED screens started to automate -- along with the music and in a fashion that was completely jaw-dropping and awe inspiring.  In that moment, we captured the attention of our audience and held it all week as they looked forward to watching it each morning.  

Executive Producer:  Kelly Burns 

Ideation, art direction, design, production, entertainment and all logistics.

Partners:  Sans Serif + Tencue 

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